Serenaded By Her Father’s Undying Love; This Is
The Violin Prodigy Who Rose From The Ashes

Facing so much hardship from the moment she was born, no one expected this little girl to be become the violin genius she is today

The Littlest Violinist

The audience sits in amazement at the sight of little 8-year-old Aiko Sato stepping onto the stage. The moment she begins to play her violin, it feels like the whole world has stopped to listen.

For all her skill and talent in music, no one realized the kind of hardship she had gone through, even before she came into the world.

Tragedy Strikes

“My wife and I were both musicians and she was my whole world”

“When she was pregnant we were so excited to meet our first child”

“Every day, we’d play our songs for the baby in her belly”

“Everything changed one night when my wife went into labor early”

“She was in so much pain and we knew something was wrong”

-Itsuki Sato

Emergency medical staff were called into the delivery room and the atmosphere was tense and frantic. Itsuki was hurried outside and could do nothing but wait, his gut twisting in fear.

Time passed and though the medical team did all they could, Itsuki Sato’s wife breathed her last.

“The long, complicated labor had weakened her”

“She never got to even hold our daughter”

“Passing away after she brought her into the world”

-Itsuki Sato

Love’s Melody

That day that Itsuki had been anticipating became his worst memory. Whilst his daughter was brought into the world, he had lost his dearest wife. But all the same, Aiko was well loved and cared for. Every single day, her father would play her the songs her mother had written. The music was one of the few things that brought the baby comfort.

There were many days where Itsuki would dream of the wonderful future Aiko would have.

Dreams Broken

One morning however, those sweet dreams would shatter. When her father picked Aiko up, he realized something was wrong immediately. No matter what he did, Aiko would not even open her eyes and her breaths were short and shallow.

The ambulance soon arrived, sirens blaring as it sped the baby to the hospital. By the time Aiko arrived in the emergency room, her breathing had stopped entirely.

For Itsuki Sato, the scene was all too familiar. It brought him back to the nightmare of the night Aiko had lost her mother.

The medical team managed to resuscitate the baby and performed countless tests and scans to find out what had caused her condition. That was when they found the brain tumor.

Aiko’s father was given two choices; if the tumor was left alone, Aiko would not live to see a new year. But the operation to remove it only promised a 50% chance of survival.

Naturally, Itsuki chose to give his daughter a chance to live and agreed to the surgery.

The operation lasted 12 long hours, but it was a success! Soon, Aiko was allowed to return home with her father.

Finding Hope

Time passed on but matters at home had not improved. Aiko would fuss all day and night long, screaming and crying. The entire time, Itsuki blamed himself for her difficulties, believing it was because he was a new father.

But during a routine checkup with her pediatrician, the truth was revealed.

“At her age, babies should be learning to stand”

“They would be able to play with their toys”

“And engage with the world around them”

“However, Aiko is unable to hold onto things”

“And struggles to even sit up”

-Aiko’s pediatrician

Due to her past tumor, Aiko received another MRI scan as they feared her tumor may have returned. Looking at the results of the scan, the medical team noticed an abnormality.

Whilst it was not a tumor, they noticed that her brain was not developing as it should. They also noted only 45% of her neurons were active within the cerebellum.

“The cerebellum handles all motor functions within the human body”

“Whilst her brain condition does not pose any danger”

“She will struggle with her motor skills for her whole life”

-Aiko’s doctor

Aiko’s father couldn’t believe his ears. He was heartbroken for his daughter and all the suffering she had faced. The doctor said that there was nothing that can be done but Itsuki refused to give up hope. He took Aiko to see more specialists, hoping to find someone who could cure her.

Each doctor they met tried and failed but Aiko’s father persisted. That was when they met Dr Hina Tanaka- a specialist studying medical treatments of ancient civilizations who had 30 years of experience under her belt.

Aiko’s condition reminded her of cases she had studied and within Japanese texts that were hundred of years old… was a possible, all-natural treatment.

For over ten years, the doctor has been working on a prototype and so she reached out to Aiko’s father to offer her help.

Drops of Golden Miracles

Each day, Dr Tanaka would use a few drops of golden oil. She massaged it into Aiko’s temples once a day and had Aiko mist the oil over her bedding so the essence would fill the air as the baby slept.

It took a few weeks before Aiko began to change.

Her wild shrieks and crying had stopped as she was now able to move as she liked without a struggle. Then one day, she simply managed to stand up on her own! It was the first time she had managed the feat.

Itsuki almost cried tears of joy at the sight.

After that moment, the Sato household was filled with laughter and music. Aiko loved music and often danced as her father played the piano.

Not longer after her third birthday, she surprised her father again. Picking up her mother’s old violin, she started playing it. Her music was so beautiful, it was like her mother was with them again.

“I spent my entire career teaching and playing with incredible musicians”

“But that was the first time I had seen something like that”

“Aiko had never once learnt to play the violin”

“But that day, she played like a professional concert violinist”

-Itsuki Sato

8-year-old Aiko is now flooded with invites to join orchestras around the world, her skill and talent making her famous in the world of classical music. They dubbed her the “Angel of Golden Strings” and it all started with that little vial of golden oil from Dr Tanaka.

The curious oil was drawn from a wild ginger that grew in the remote highlands of Japan where the unique growing conditions granted the ginger its abilities.

“The brain is the very center of the human body”

“It controls every part of our body”

“From motor functions to oral abilities and memories”

“But there are factors that can negatively impact our brain”

“Degenerating neuron connections within the brain”

“This causes issues with memory and focus”

“Along with the loss of motor skills”

“The microscopic ginger molecules enters the brain tissue at a high rate”

“Able to boost the natural healing and repair of neurons”

“The neurotransmitters see improvements up to 50x”

“This oil can be used for an array of ailments”

“From ALS to Dypraxia or dementia and ADHD”

-Dr. Tanaka

The Launch of Torisu™

With Aiko’s recovery and success, Dr. Tanaka gave her product the name Torisu™ and has since released it worldwide.

“I use it every single day in my practice room”

“Breathing in the essence helps me stay focused”

“And my hands feel a lot more dexterous when I play”

“With it, I can even learn and master new songs in a single lesson!”

“I can’t imagine a life without Torisu™”

“It’s helped me so much and it’s the secret to my music”

-Aiko Sato

Today, Torisu™ has had more than 100,000 bottles sold with countless users reporting improvements within motor and mental skills. Unfortunately, the wild gingers used are rare and as such the production of the oil are limited.

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