Give Your Skin The Cleansing And Pampering It Deserves

As the largest organ we have, our skin is essential to our general health. Taking good care of it does more than just improve your looks! If you take care of your skin, it will take care of you. Hence, a good skincare routine is essential.

A skincare routine is only as good as the products you use. Poor quality products may be ineffective and may cause you problems in the long run.

Give your skin the proper care it needs with Puritz™! The all-natural herbal soap that purifies your skin from both inside and out!

Puritz™: Rejuvenating Your Skin

Formulated from the Xihu Longjing green tea, Puritz™ is rich in polyphenol, which contains anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties that support detoxification functions, thus eliminating microbes and toxins that cause bad smells, leaving you smelling fresh and clean. It also promotes skin rejuvenation and collagen production, giving you sleek and supple skin!

Benefits Of Puritz™

  • Eliminates bacteria and microbes that cause bad odor

  • Contains beneficial compounds that nourish the skin

  • Rich in anti-oxidants that aid the skin in repairing itself

  • Reduces skin inflammation

  • Rejuvenates the skin

Directions For Use

1. Wet body and face.

2. Lather and apply generously.

3. Rinse.

*For best results, use every day for a general course of 2 months.
Absolutely LOVE this product and cannot get enough of it. I’m about halfway through one bar so far, which lasted nearly 5 months! Each time I use this, I am awed by how clean my skin becomes. After washing, it doesn't feel dry and squeaky, and I can definitely feel that it is clean and that all the gunk has been removed. My skin always feels refreshed and bright after cleansing.

Rhonda Linares, CA

✔ Verified Purchase

I have sensitive skin, so I’m very particular about what I use in my skincare routine. Using the wrong stuff can make my skin dry and flaky, almost snake-like! A friend recommended this, so I tried it. And this soap has never caused me any problems. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tense and dry and unlike other herbal soaps, it smells lovely! The smell is subtle and not at all overpowering. My skin feels so soft and clean after I use it, it just leaves me feeling happy. It is a pure and simple bar of soap with some added goodness to it.

Jasmine St. George, ME

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I sweat a lot. All my clothes get soaked through even when I’m just talking a walk, so I always need to bring spare clothes with me. Unfortunately, it also makes me smell unpleasant, and none of the products I’ve tried before are strong enough to help with that. Luckily, I found Puritz™! Since I started using it, I don’t smell so bad anymore after sweating. Even more interesting is that I don’t sweat as much anymore since using it! It’s nice to be dry, clean and comfortable while just walking around. Definitely recommend this!

Lizzy Childress, NY

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