Unlimited Love: This Mother Kept Her Baby Alive Despite Being “Frozen”

Written by Christine  C. Markle, Lead Editor | Updated on the 13th of March 2023

Medically reviewed by Dr. Kate Swift MD

Arizona and Jasper are high school sweethearts whose love bloomed and thrived with time. They have always dreamed of having a family, but it took seven long years of blissful marriage before she got pregnant, but tragedy followed them as Arizona lost consciousness. She was rushed to the hospital, intubated, and hooked to a ventilating machine, enabling her to breathe. However, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her even after conducting many tests and examinations. Her health and her baby's well-being continue to depreciate.


Doctors told Jasper that he might lose his entire family due to this condition. Despite the limitations imposed by countless medical professionals, Jackson did not lose hope until one day, Arizona finally regained consciousness. Doctors were astounded by the turn of events and called it a miracle. Arizona and her baby survived this challenging time and are thriving with love and life, their son even became the youngest accepted applicant into Mensa.

The Human Brain Simplified

The brain is a collection of nerves located in the upper portion of the body. It is composed of millions of microscopic neurons that integrate sensory information and direct motor response. It has synapses at the junctions of each neuron, which permit both electrical and chemical messages to be transmitted from one neuron to another, a process integral to our sensory functions.   Memory, thoughts, intelligence, creativity, emotions, and learning are all stored in the brain, which is also the organ, ensuring that every biological process occurs devoid of unwanted complications. Without the brain, we neither exist nor truly live.

Figure: Brain Cell

The brain's cells work like miniature factories. They obtain supplies, generate energy, construct machinery, and dispose of waste. Cells are capable of processing, storing, and transmitting information between cells. These tiny factories necessitate the coordination of functions, nutrients, and oxygen to keep the body running.

Figure: Brain CT Scan

The brain is far more complex than any other organs yet it is also the organ with the most power and command over the body. The brain possesses many hidden potentials that remain unused or unknown throughout one's lifetime if not explored or taken care of properly. Even the mightiest of man can stumble too. The brain can launch astronauts into galaxies, conjure emerging innovations, and overcome global problems. Even with only 3 pounds of weight, the brain regulates our whole being. The brain is comparable to a computer in that both perform similar tasks, relay messages to particular regions, and build neural pathways that facilitate learning and remembering new skills like reading, riding a bike, and cooking. The brain assembles meaningful messages and stores the information in our memory for future use. Aside from that, it commands how we respond to environmental stimuli.

Stroke Decoded

Figure: Brain CT Scan of Stroke Patients

Blood clots are clumps of blood in different sizes that have formed inside your body, lodging themselves in a specific part of the body that can impede blood flow leading to fatal irreversible effects. Clotting is essential to prevent excessive bleeding whenever injuries occur. However, it can also be deadly. A blood clot can occur in your arms, legs, abdomen, heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys. There are two types of blood clots. These include a clot that stays in one place and those that break away from their place of origin, traveling to different areas of the body.

A blood clot in the brain is called a Stroke. A stroke occurs due to an obstruction preventing blood flow to the brain. Insufficient blood flow to the brain lacks the oxygen and nourishment it needs to function. This deprivation, when prolonged, can ultimately lead to dead brain cells, causing permanent brain damage, irreversible disability, or even death.

Stroke has three primary types:

•        Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) involves a blood clot that usually resolves on its own

•         Ischemic Stroke can be caused by a blood clot or plaque in the artery.

•        Hemmoraghic Stroke can be caused by a burst or leaking of blood vessels into the brain.

The signs and symptoms include difficulty in speaking, slurred words, difficulty understanding speech, confusion, paralysis or weakness in one or both sides of the body, sudden numbness in the face, arms, or legs, eye problems, blurred vision or double vision, a sudden severe headache accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, or altered consciousness, loss of balance or loss of coordination.

The Chemical Composition Of Cedarwood

Native American and Tibetan communities use cedarwood to address ailments ranging from minor discomforts, such as cough, to severe illnesses. Meanwhile, Ancient Egypt valued cedarwood for its anti-microbial and insecticidal properties to mummify bodies after death. Cedarwood relaxes the body and mind making it ideal for religious ceremonies and spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer. Cedarwood is famous for its medical purposes. Notably, it exhibits an emmenagogue property that naturally stimulates circulation.

Cedarwood is known to support the health and function of the organs, especially the brain, liver, and kidney.

Figure: Chemical Structure of Sesquiterpenes

Cedarwood has a sweet and woody fragrance characterised by warmth and comfort, making it effective for aromatherapy. Its chief component is sesquiterpenes, a compound capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and promoting circulation. Therefore, it directly provides constant and sufficient oxygen to brain cells that are oxygen-deprived, facilitating their regeneration, healing, and cellular turnover. Sesquiterpenes also enhance memories and problem-solving capabilities, reduce stress, and ease tension, providing an overall healthy disposition.

Neurocognitive Boost in 15 days

50-year-old, single Dennis started his journey with cedarwood essential oil when he suffered from a stroke. He had paralysis on the left side of his body, blurred and double visions, confusion, altered consciousness, and facial drooping. He couldn't speak properly or understand others. Dennis, unfortunately, felt the force of a stroke when he stopped at a gasoline station. He suddenly felt a severe headache and a numbing sensation that started on his left extremity and slowly crept upward. He had facial drooping and confusion, and he couldn't speak properly. So he immediately asked a bystander for help. The bystander was alarmed to see his condition and immediately called an ambulance. Doctors told him that he had a stroke and might not regain his ability to speak or move with coordination.

Day 5

Dennis was hopeless, and as a manager, he had to endure a lot of stress and difficulties, which led to his near-death encounter. Dennis was devastated, and all he could do was cry. His family was there, and they struggled with him. They were not used to Dennis being weak because he had always been the strong one among them. He suffered from confusion, a droopy face, speech, vision, and motor disabilities. He is also suffering from a pounding headache that will not stop. However, upon using cedarwood, his condition significantly improved. He became oriented to time, place, and date; his face became less droopy; and he could lift his arms for a minute. His family was over the moon with this turn of events and was ecstatic for Dennis to reach maximum health again.

Day 10

Dennis can now move his left arm and leg, walk without losing balance, and talk without slurring. His face was no longer droopy, his vision improved, and the severe headache vanished. Dennis began to be hopeful for the first time. He is excited to be capable once

Day 15

Dennis looked like he hadn't survived a stroke. He was jolly and lively. He ran and lifted weights in the mornings, participated in meetings in the afternoon, and read his favourite books at night. Dennis finally worked again and was even promoted. He was named Employee of the Year for his exceptional contribution to the company.

"Cedarwood saved me from a paralysed and dependent life. I have never been one to depend on others. I am independent and have been used to people depending on me, professionally and personally, and being on the verge of losing my independence made me depressed and lonely. I didn't want to live a life constantly dependent on others. I don't want others to feed me, bathe me, and take care of my daily needs. I will not be able to thank Cedarwppd enough for what it has done for me. I was promoted and named employee of the year. I couldn't ask for more!”

-Dennis, 30