The Longest Road Trip: Couple Drove Grandpa’s
Car Over 4000 Miles On One Tank Of Fuel

This “crazy” couple accomplished a mission impossible and broke the world record for the longest road trip in an old “spaceship”!

Since taking off on their record-breaking trip, the couple has since covered more than 4,120 miles, traveling from Chicago to Phoenix and back, without stopping for gas in a vintage car that belonged to a museum:

“People around us told us we’re crazy when we first started the mission but they were speechless when they saw the news.”

“Our rusty car performed better than other modern cars in fuel efficiency and horsepower.”

“We proved everyone wrong when we drove across America without refueling!”

-Zach, 23 | Founder of EcoOBD2™

The Inspiration

Zach invented EcoOBD2™ with a main goal in mind. He aspires to create a device that will aid in the reduction of fuel usage in any vehicle.

And his father was the inspiration behind creating this revolutionary gadget:

“My siblings and I were raised by a single parent, who is our father. He’s a taxi driver who spends more than 12 hours on the road daily.”

“Our father worked hard all day and night just to provide for us. He claims he might earn more if he didn’t refuel his car as often.”

“After I graduated from college with a background in automotive engineering, I knew that I could help my father and other taxi or uber drivers.”

-Zach, 23 | Founder of EcoOBD2™

Trying Out The Prototype Fuel-Saver

Zach and his team spent years researching and developing and when the prototype fuel-saving device was finally ready, Zach’s father was the first person to try it out.

And the result was nothing short of amazing:

“I used to refuel my car once every five days and my monthly expenses were through the roof.”

“But after using the prototype, it reduced my car’s gas intake by up to 35%.”

“Now, I only have to refuel my car once every two weeks! It’s truly amazing, and it's helped me save a significant amount of money.”

-Zach's Father, 62 | Taxi Driver

Proving People Wrong

However, Zach’s creation was doubted by many and he was challenged by competitors to a race to see who could go the furthest distance in a single tank of gas.

His opponent showed up in a cutting-edge sports car equipped with the latest fuel injection technology while Zach’s team came in with his grandpa’s junk car.

The automobile industry's top elites were stunned. Zach and his rusty automobile significantly outperformed the opponent’s.

Intrigued by their success, Mr. Robinson, the opponent’s head of engineering realized that Zach’s breakthrough innovation carries huge potential:

“In my 32 years in this industry, I’ve never seen vehicles like Zach’s. Honestly, I was doubtful at first…”

“But despite being an old junk, its fuel efficiency is better than most modern cars!”

-Mr. Robinson, 59 | Head of Engineering

The Automotive Revolution

With Mr. Robinson’s help, EcoOBD2™ underwent mass manufacture with an updated and improvised technology.

EcoOBD2™ is an intelligent fuel-saving chip that performs better than the first prototype. With more than 602,374 units currently sold, the updated version of EcoOBD2™ is the most advanced fuel-saving patented device. It is a new kind of modern technology that conserves fuel without expensive modifications.

The less-effective prototype version was plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter compartment but the updated version is connected directly to the brain of the car which is the car’s electrical control unit (ECU).

This effectively monitors the performance of the car for instant optimization and power conditioning of the vehicle:

“After plugging EcoOBD2™ into your car’s OBD2 port, it instantly collects diagnostic data of the car over the next 130 miles.”

“Then, EcoOBD2™ automatically makes small adjustments to the car’s onboard equipment such as the air-conditioner, stereo, and lights for lower fuel consumption. Resulting in over 65% fuel saved for any fuel-based vehicle, whereas the older version only saves 35%.”

“Apart from fuel efficiency, EcoOBD2™ also improves engine performance, promising a silky smooth drive with great horsepower.”

“Designed to be more eco-friendly, as soon as it’s plugged in the socket, EcoOBD2™ directly impacts the engine to reduce the combustion of gases. This will protect the environment from harmful emissions that may result in global warming.”

-Zach, 23 | Founder of EcoOBD2™

EcoOBD2™ Has Garnered Worldwide Recognition

When EcoOBD2™ made its debut internationally, millions of customers have experienced significant benefits after installing EcoOBD2™.

Satisfied users have reported that it helped them save on their daily fuel expenses with a quality, cleaner, and more affordable drive.

One of them is Conor, the race engineer for Formula 1:

“I was really skeptical about EcoOBD2™, so I put it to the test and it has exceeded my expectations”

“EcoOBD2™ is a fuel-saving device that just works! So far, EcoOBD2™ has improved the race cars’ overall performance by more than double.”

“Not only did it help us save on maintenance costs, but the horsepower of the cars has also improved by more than 50%!”

“Amazingly, now we only need to refuel 3 times instead of 8 times for every race. It’s essentially a performance booster for any car that runs on fuel and it’s all thanks to a tiny and handy device.”

“This will definitely change the way people travel forever.”

-Conor, 38 | Race Engineer

Another satisfied customer of EcoOBD2™, 54-year-old Caroline is also eager to share her pleasant experience:

“We have some of the worst traffic jams here in Los Angeles. It feels horrible to be stuck in the car for hours every day! Especially knowing how incredibly expensive gas is in LA.”

“But when my husband bought EcoOBD2™ for me, I was able to take long drives without worrying about refueling! And I have now saved at least 500 dollars monthly!”

“What’s even better is, it’s incredibly easy to use. I can plug it in whenever I want without any hassle and just drive away.”

-Caroline, 54 | Satisfied User

Burn Less, Save More

EcoOBD2™ is undeniably the safest and the most reliable fuel-saving device trusted by millions globally.

After using EcoOBD2™, even shipping and transport service companies have saved up to 75% in operation costs!

It's never too late to try EcoOBD2™ to achieve maximum efficiency with less fuel, especially after the recent Ukraine-Russia crisis which pushed gas prices to their highest level.

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