Discover The Real-life Goddesses Who
Were Born In Spider Town

These international beauty pageant winners share ONE thing in common. They are all from the same ‘spider town’ in Venezuela.

Despite having no access to modern skincare or plastic surgeries, Gran Sabana is the birthplace of countless natural beauties.

Their natural goddess-like complexion has landed them in magazines and runways. Even the winner from the beauty pageant in the 1980s is still a skincare model!

Whenever they’re being interviewed, they would say that their success is all thanks to their town.

Visiting The Spider Town

These small-town beauties caught the attention of experts worldwide. Including Dr. Fred, a skincare specialist with more than 30 years of experience.

So, he traveled to Venezuela to meet the pageant winner from the 1980s. When he saw 65-year-old Aliana, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him:

“When Aliana greeted me, I thought she was her granddaughter.”

“I didn’t expect her to look as young as someone in their 30s!”

“Her skin was firm and silky smooth without any fine lines.”

-Dr. Frederick

Aliana then shared something that Dr. Frederick had never imagined:

“My town has the most beauty queens and supermodels as we were taught to practice the same skincare remedy for years.”

“It began when the village’s healer used bandages with spider silks to wrap around the local hunters’ skin injuries and scars.”

“The spider silks not only healed their wounds rapidly but it unexpectedly transformed their skin to become spotless and smooth, as if they’ve received expensive skin treatments.”

“Since then, the women from my town have spent hours collecting spider silks to apply on their faces as part of their holistic beauty routine.”

“Making them younger than their actual age!”


Spider Silks: The Future Of Skincare

Skeptical, Dr. Frederick took some spider silk samples back to his lab in the US to conduct a more in-depth study and he discovered something that completely blew his mind:

“These spider silks are from the Theraphosa Apophysis spiders which can only be found in Gran Sabana, Venezuela.”

“It has the highest volume of hyaluronic acid and amino acid which can improve skin texture, elasticity, and firmness more than any other spider silks!“

-Dr. Frederick

Curious to find out if spider silk is really the key to flawless skin, Dr. Frederick invited a volunteer, 71-year-old Mariah who has a severe case of dehydrated skin, crow’s feet, and sagging skin to try out the traditional practice using spider silk, for the next 20 days.

This is what she has to say:

“Before I started the traditional treatment, I had no confidence.”

“My skin used to be rough and full of fine lines.”

“I’ve tried wearing makeup but my skin became drier and the lines became more obvious.”

“After trying the traditional practice, my skin is smoother and softer.”

“It is so firm and dewy that I don’t even need to put on makeup anymore!”


To learn more about spider silk’s skin healing ability, Dr. Frederick decided to run some tests on Mariah’s skin:

“We found out that the age of her skin is equivalent to someone in their 30s,”

“Due to the high reading of collagen density and elastin on her skin!”

-Dr. Frederick

They Named It Spiluxe™

Realizing how this groundbreaking discovery could change the skincare world, Dr. Frederick collaborated with a team of world-renowned dermatologists.

Together, they invented a cruelty-free and synthetic spider silk moisturizing serum using the latest state-of-the-art bioengineering technology to mimic the skin rejuvenating effects of spider silks.

Bottled in a mighty age rewind face serum, without harming any spiders in the process.

That is how Spiluxe™ was born. Dr. Frederick explains the science behind Spiluxe™:

“As time goes by, the body produces less collagen. So, the skin will lose its hydration and natural elasticity.”

“Resulting in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Making someone look older than they actually are.”

“Spiluxe™ is a skin renewal serum that helps to restore the natural skin barrier. It was engineered to mimic spider silk to return skin to its original state.”

“Thanks to its high hyaluronic acid and amino acid content, Spiluxe™ helps to stimulate collagen production within the skin.”

“This strengthens the skin cells to adhere to each other more effectively, which helps skin to stay supple and protected.”

“Spiluxe™ also boosts the skin's ability to retain moisture, making stubborn lines and wrinkles appear less deep for smoother skin with a radiant complexion without any signs of aging!”

-Dr. Frederick

After years of trying to perfect the formula, the first batch of Spiluxe™ was finally launched. And Aliana was the first satisfied user to give her verdict:

“Before I started using Spiluxe™, I had to travel back to my hometown just to get a refill of the spider silk.”

“Honestly, I was skeptical about this serum but after trying it out for only a week, I was blown away!”

“The texture is so lightweight and it’s more hydrating than the traditional one.”

“Spiluxe™ is so easy to use, and it’s the only product I need to apply on my face. I don’t even need to wear any foundation before heading out!”


Spiluxe™ Has Garnered Worldwide Recognition

When Spiluxe™ was launched worldwide, more than 98% of users have reported satisfaction.

This skincare serum has helped them to revive their skin like never before. One of them is 76-year-old Jade:

“I’ve been struggling with dry skin and deep wrinkles for years especially around my eyes and smile lines.”

“I’ve tried using expensive serums and creams but they’re too harsh on my sensitive skin.”

“I almost gave up until I was introduced to Spiluxe™ by my niece. After just a week of using this serum, it single-handedly made my skin visibly tighter.”

“My lines are minimized and it smoothened out the rough patches.”

“I feel like I've been reborn and my skin feels like a baby. Some of my friends even thought that I had Botox!”

-Jade, satisfied user

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